About Peridot Pansies

Hi! I'm Anna - founder and owner of Peridot Pansies Pet Bows - where dogs, cats (and even goats - yes goats!) can look picture perfect! But Peridot Pansies wasn't always bowties, or pets. Take a gander below to see how Peridot Pansies went from inception to a loved bowtie maker in Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties!

At the very beginning, back when I was a wee little girl, I thoroughly enjoyed crafting. Whatever it was, you give it to me, I'd make something out of it! That passion for creativity never ceased, and by high school, my crafting had turned to jewelry. I made most of it for myself, or my mother, or friends, but was convinced to put a shop up on Etsy. I made sales! **insert mind blown emoji**

I thought of the name Peridot Pansies because my birthstone is peridot, and well, pansies are an underappreciated lovely flower! Peridot Pansies was a fun and exciting shop for handmade jewelry. My jewelry wasn't ordinary - some of my pieces included very random items, like hardware, computer boards and keys, perfume bottles, and seashells. Eventually, I shifted to making hair accessories - not just bows! In the same vein as my eccentric jewelry, I began to create one of a kind fascinators and hair accessories (from bows to headbands and in between). 

While I had many of my creations up on Etsy, the competition for hair accessories (not to mention jewelry) was honestly, terrifying. 

At that point, I sought out local craft and vendor events - there I really learned about a target audience! Eventually, I reached out to local shops in artsy and historic Doylestown, PA. There I sold my items in several stores, and customized to the small business owners' liking. 

In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up my dog - like any self respecting Instagram user and pet parent. It started with my Corgi (Bogie, named after Humphrey Bogart), and continued a few years later with my Cavachon (Meesha). I'd attach the hairbows to her floppy ears, and at that point, I thought, why not create something just for her? 

And alas, the pet bows were born. 

I continued to sell my jewelry wares, but added the pet bows. It became clear they were a hit! So I put the beads aside and made my way to the fabric store. 

Now, it is a full time side hustle (I have a day job in marketing). I've had many colors, prints, patterns, and more across the years. Drop a line on my Instagram for the full look, or sneak a peek at the gallery.